What Are The Benefits of Polish Citizenship?

Are you American, Canadian, Australian, or from a non-EU country? Then, listen up! There are BIG benefits to having Polish dual citizenship and a Polish passport for you and your family.

You get EU citizenship: Since Poland is a part of the European Union, by confirming your Polish citizenship (EU citizenship) you can obtain your Polish passport (EU passport), which gives you all the benefits that come with having EU citizenship and an EU passport!

With a Polish passport you can live, work, travel, study, retire, buy property and operate businesses in any of the 28 EU countries with no restrictions.

After you obtain your Polish citizenship (EU citizenship), eligibility is then passed onto your children and their descendants!

And remember these benefits aren’t just for you – they also extend to your entire family! Because Polish citizenship is acquired by “right of blood” (also called jus sanguis), once you have Polish citizenship you can pass eligibility on to all your descendents automatically!

How Does This Benefit You & Your Family?

Think about it: FREE university for your kids in Europe. The right to work, study, retire, reside in any EU country for as long as you want, without any visa restrictions. You receive all the benefits of a EU citizen (because all Polish citizens are also EU citizens!)

Everyone’s priorities are different and uniquely personal, so the most important benefits vary from person to person. 

For example: Do you have children? Do you (or your spouse) want to live or work in Europe? Do you want your children or grandchildren to go to a world-class university for free? Are you an entrepreneur or have a business? Do you want to retire, collect retirement benefits and affordable medical care in Europe? Do you want to buy property and access mortgages overseas reserved for EU citizens?

Benefits & Advantages of Polish Citizenship

    • All of your descendants also get citizenship!
    • Receive ALL the benefits of an EU citizen: free university-level education, affordable health care, live/work in Europe, and more!
    • FREE university in Europe for your children, grandchildren and all your descendants.
    • Work in Europe for as long as you want, without a work permit.
    • Apply for and win jobs that your non-EU citizen peers can’t. In Europe, employers prefer to hire EU citizens.
    • Study, retire, live in any of EU country for as long as you want, without visa restrictions.
    • Collect retirement and social benefits in the EU country in which you choose to reside.
    • Easily buy property in all 28 EU member states without bureaucratic hassles and restrictions as a foreigner.
    • Affordable healthcare and medical treatments in Europe. Some EU countries also have FREE healthcare.
    • Lower your tax bill by being an EU citizen and easily residing in lower tax jurisdictions.
    • Reside anywhere in Europe for as long as you want without restrictions (something your non-EU peers in your home-country cannot do!).
    • Get EU residency and get benefits: Instantly get residency in any EU country and immediately gain access all the health, social, employment, financial, and tax benefits. This takes years for non-EU citizens!
    • Collect social benefits reserved only for EU citizens (social security, healthcare, unemployment, pension, jobseeker’s allowance, housing credits, tax savings, etc.).
    • Start businesses, get EU financing and investment incentives in 28 EU countries.

    • Financial Advantages: Access to new financing options, personal and business loans, mortgages, investment incentives reserved for EU citizens.

You're a Dual Citizen

Polish dual citizenship means you will enjoy the advantages of two countries: your home country and Poland. It’s possible to qualify for a pension in both countries, as well as cheaper healthcare. You (and your children) can also access university-level education throughout the entire European Union, at either free or very affordable prices, often a fraction of the cost in your home country!

Access EU Jobs & Career Opportunities

Your Polish passport is your golden ticket to work and win jobs in Europe or at European companies. Also, as an EU citizen, you’ll be well-positioned to access, apply for, and win jobs that your equally-qualified North American/Non-EU peers can’t….all because of your passport.

There are also big benefits to having a EU passport even if you work in the US or a non-EU country. For example, companies that do business in Europe, have European offices or subsidiaries will see your Polish/EU passport as an advantage.

Many of us have seen the effects first hand of weakening economic conditions in the United States and Canada. Companies have closed, staff have been laid off, and competition is strengthening overseas. Meanwhile, opportunities around the world are still readily available and there are still many countries that are growing even in Europe. European companies, as well as companies from elsewhere, continue to look for talented professionals with the ability to be mobile and to easily work in European countries. Dual citizenship can help you to further your career and financial prospects by granting you the freedom to work anywhere in the European Union without any restrictions on time or location.

Free, Affordable Education for Your Children & Grandchildren

For anyone with young children, planning to have children, or with grandchildren – you can give future generations the gift of FREE, affordable university education in Europe…by simply confirming your Polish citizenship.

    • Free university education across Europe
    • Subsidized tuition rates at world class universities
    • Access to scholarships reserved for EU citizens
    • Cheaper alternatives for medical and law school

With Polish citizenship, you and your children will be able to study in Europe and pay European Union tuition rates at European universities. Compared to the United States and Canada the cost of University in Europe is significantly lower.

Many universities in Europe are completely FREE for citizens of the European Union. While some do still charge tuition, their prices are significantly lower than the US. For example Cambridge University (Ranked #3 in the world) only charges European Union citizens $9,000 USD per year vs Harvard (Ranked #4) at $59,000 USD per year. In other words, you save $200,000 on university fees.

Pass on Your Citizenship to Your Descendants

By becoming a Polish citizen you will automatically pass on Polish citizenship to your children at birth. And they will automatically pass on their Polish citizenship to their children at birth. It really is a gift that goes on for generations and the benefits of European Citizenship will continue long into the future.

Work, Live, Study, Retire in the EU...instantly and for unlimited time

Polish dual citizenship allows you to live and work unrestricted and for unlimited time in the European Union. You’ll never have to worry about a work visa or getting “sponsored” by a European company before working in the EU – as an EU citizen, you can do so instantly! You can live anywhere in the European Union for as long as you want, completely unrestricted. And yes, if you are married or have dependents, your family absorbs these rights too!

Affordable Health Care

For the uninsured or underinsured, health care in the US can be extremely expensive and in many cases can even lead to bankruptcy. On the other hand, while Canada’s socialized health care system offers affordable care it can often take years before patients are able to see doctors or specialists to receive basic surgeries or treatment. In both cases, citizens of those countries are not living the highest quality of life possible and are missing out on financial and physical freedom. As a Polish citizen, you will be entitled to affordable European healthcare, in any European Union country as well as the United Kingdom.

Financial & Tax Benefits

Take advantage of foreign income and foreign earning exclusions by starting a company overseas. These structures are used by European citizens and dual-citizens all the time to legitimately reduce their personal tax burden. There is no need to give up your current nationality and no need to relocate you and your family. With the right advisor and corporate structure you will be able to reduce often crippling personal income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, or capital gains tax. Furthermore, Polish citizens who are non-residents (live outside of Polish) and who do not work in Polish, are not required to pay Polish taxes. Unlike the US, which taxes all American citizens, regardless of where they live.

International Banking

Easily open bank accounts globally. US citizens are often denied service at offshore banks and are considered unattractive customers, thanks to restrictive and expensive reporting requirements that occur when dealing with Americans. As a citizen of the European Union you will be welcomed as a client and instantly expand your potential banking network around the world. You’ll have access to more banks, better investment products, and new financing options in countries like Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, and the UK.

More Investment Opportunities

Your Polish passport will allow you to purchase foreign securities without restriction, including Eurobonds, unit trusts, investment funds, real estate, and much more. As an EU citizen, you are allowed to invest in offshore mutual funds, investment products, securities, and property without restriction.If you want to invest overseas or in foreign securities, it’s extremely useful to have a foreign citizenship.

Property & Real Estate

With an EU passport, you have right to freely purchase property in all 28 EU member states while also avoiding bureaucratic hassles and restrictions placed on foreigners.

How To Obtain Polish Citizenship

The laws and procedures for obtaining Polish citizenship can be complex and there are many details that often get overlooked, even by Polish consulates and law firms, resulting in unnecessary denials when citizenship should have been awarded.

The best way to get started is with our Ultimate Guide To Obtaining Polish Citizenship, which is available for download right now.

  • Save money and time by collecting your documents first!
  • Full list of all personal documents you will need to collect
  • Full list of all ancestral documents you will need to provide
  • Full list of all documents you will need to have authenticated
  • Plus receive our Polish Family History Worksheet for Free

Do You Have The Necessary Documents to Get Started?

The procedures for obtaining Polish citizenship can be complex and there are many details that often get overlooked. One of the most common failures is not having the right documents from the beginning, this can be a costly and time consuming mistake to fix.

That’s exactly why we created the Polish Citizenship Applicant Checklist, to breakdown all of the documents you need so you can save money from the outset. 

Click the link below to take a closer look at the Polish Citizenship Applicant Checklist and to get started on your journey of claiming Polish citizenship!

  • Save money and time by collecting your documents first!
  • Full list of all personal documents you will need to collect
  • Full list of all ancestral documents you will need to provide
  • Full list of all documents you will need to have authenticated
  • Plus receive our Polish Family History Worksheet for Free

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